Mascot - Sachi#



Sachi (さち, 幸, means happiness) is a spirit fox who attaches to an old magnetic tape drive. She loves to fiddle with old technology. Sachi used to be the divine agent of a small Shinto shrine called Suka Jinja (素華神社).

She was known for helping the locals with her wisdom in the past. Nowadays her shrine has been built over by a university, and she assumes her human identity as Professor Suka Sachiko (須賀 早智子) and teaches Japanese History and Computer Science there.


_images/electrichearts_20220323A_sachi.png _images/electrichearts_20230322A_sachi_human_english.png _images/electrichearts_20211013A_sachi.png _images/electrichearts_20220325A_sachi_yellow_english.png

Full-resolution images with and without transparent backgrounds can be downloaded from the GitHub Repository in the etc/img/sachi directory.


Sachi was designed and illustrated by the amazing Tyson Tan ( He provides mascot design service for free and open source software projects, free of charge, under free license.

She is dual-licensed under the BSD-3-Clause and the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA

The full text of the BSD-3-Clause can be found in the file in the root of the repository

The full text of the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA can be found in the file in the root of the repository