This is the torii platform definition for Squishy rev1 hardware, if you are using Squishy rev1 as a generic FPGA development board, this is the platform you need to invoke.


This platform is for specialized hardware and must not be used with any other hardware other than the hardware it was designed for. This include any popular development or eval boards.


There are no official released of the Squishy rev1 hardware for purchase, you can build your own, however it is recommended to start with the squishy.gateware.platform.rev2.SquishyRev2 hardware.

class squishy.gateware.platform.rev1.SquishyRev1(*args, **kwargs)#

Squishy hardware Revision 1

This is the torii platform for the first revision of the Squishy hardware. It is based around the Lattice iCE40-HX8K in the BG121 footprint.

The design files for this version of the hardware can be found in the git repo under the rev1 tree.


alias of ICE40ClockDomainGenerator