Revision 1#


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This hardware revision should be considered non-functional and is kept in the documentation for historical purposes only.

Hardware revision 1 was the first release of the Squishy hardware, it is only capable of speaking SCSI HVD. Revision 1 release 0 has some problems that can be fixed with two component replacements, which was not enough to constitute a whole new release.

Squishy rev1 Render


Revision 1 is still in the validation phase, as such is capabilities have not been fully cataloged.


The following errata have been identified for Squishy rev1:

Rev1 Release 0#

  1. X1 - The ULPI Osc, needs to be changed from 16MHz to 13MHz

  2. U26 - The FPGA flash, need to be replaces with a GD25Q64EWIGR

  3. Plus everything listed in the Release 1 Errata.

Rev1 Release 1#

  1. The SCSI PHY level shifters need to have the trace going to pin 9 cut and then pin 9 bridged to pin 8.

    • The part designators are U2, U8, U11, U16, U20, U23, U27, U30, and U33.