squishy.gateware.scsi.scsi1.Device(*args, **kwargs) SCSI1

Create a SCSI-1 Device Elaboratable

squishy.gateware.scsi.scsi1.Initiator(*args, **kwargs) SCSI1

Create a SCSI-1 Initiator Elaboratable

class squishy.gateware.scsi.scsi1.SCSI1(*args, src_loc_at=0, **kwargs)

SCSI 1 Elaboratable

This elaboratable represents an interface for interacting with SCSI-1 compliant bus’.

  • is_device (bool) – If this SCSI-1 Elaboratable is a Device or Initiator.

  • arbitrating (bool) – If this SCSI-1 Elaboratable has arbitration support.

  • config (dict) – The configuration for this Elaboratable, including SCSI VID and DID.