Applet API#


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The following APIs are available for use within Squishy applets. They allow the applet to register various components with the Squishy framework, such as the CLI. Out of the three subsystems, only the CLI is mandatory, the GUI and REPL are optional.

For details on how to write Squishy applets, see the Applets Tutorial for a walk-through.

Applet Search Locations#

Squishy searches for applets to load in two locations. The first being the built-in applets in the squishy.applets module, this is where all of the default applets that ship with Squishy are located.

The second location Squishy searches for applets in is partially platform dependent. Regardless of platform, the location is .local/share/squishy/applets within the current users home directory. Where this directory is depends on the system and it’s configuration, but below are some common paths: